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VERIFY 365 faqs

Why use a digital onboarding system for new clients?
Digital client onboarding is a much safer way for you to verify your client’s identity and provide a better client experience as it lets you get started with your client and conduct due diligence without the need to travel to your office. It’s also much more secure than a manual verification or legacy system. In one workflow, you can conduct a biometric check using NFC technology (which is recommended by legal experts and institutions such as HM Land Registry ‘digital ID standard’) and electronically verify the address, source of funds (AML), obtain digital statements using Open Banking and check PEPs/sanctions on your client.

How are checks completed using Verify 365?

1. ID Verification: Clients take a picture of ID document and a picture of themselves. This process is recorded to ensure no foul play is at work.

2. Proof of Address: Clients enter name, street, postcode, and house number. They can also upload a document as proof of address too.

3. Source of Wealth: Verify 365 securely connects to your client’s bank or multiple banks through a secure online banking portal to provide digital bank statements for your transaction monitoring and AML obligations.

4. Source of Funds: Clients complete a detailed questionnaire by providing information on where their money has come from, including naming any gifts or assets which identify any unusual transactions using Artificial Intelligence.

How secure is Verify 365?
Verify 365 takes data security very seriously and follows generally accepted best practices to ensure that your data is backed-up and protected against unauthorized access. Verify 365 is certified by the UK government cyber security accreditation scheme, Cyber essentials Plus, which conduct an annual audit on systems and processes. Verify 365 system is compliant with CCPA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001 and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.

Who will hold the verification data for clients?
The law firm that has sent the verification request, Verify 365 does not hold any client verification reports. Once the verification is complete, lawyers can download the client verification report in its original format ( pdf), and the data will be with the law firm to store on their case management system.

What data does Verify 365 take from clients when completing verifications?

The data Verify 365 will collect is listed below:

  • Identity Data: This data consists of imagery of both client and client documents, client name and device location, sex, and document identification number along with a video of client identity process.
  • Address data: This data consists of client name and full address (city, street, building number) along with any supporting documents the client may upload.
  • Financial data: This data consists of all financial incomings and outgoings for either a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month period depending on what client is asked to provide by the lawyer.
  • Misc. data: This data consists of all the above data with the addition of any optional or extra data that clients provide during the verification process but not directed listed above.
  • Does Verify 365 complete verification checks using an App?
    Yes, Verify 365 is available to download on Google Play or Apple Store for clients to complete the checks as it requires NFC and Open Banking which connects to a mobile banking app. The lawyer administration panel runs on any computer with Internet access and a modern browser.

Is Verify 365 only for property lawyers and conveyancers?
Whilst property lawyers and conveyancers are often involved in high-risk areas of law and are often required to undertake enhanced due diligence in property purchase matters, verify 365 is an onboarding system is suitable for any law firm, in any area of law, as the system is designed to prevent identity fraud and money laundering. All law firms are required to carry out due diligence when onboarding new clients.

How do I join Verify 365?
Simply get in contact and a legal technology expert will be in contact to show you the platform. It is free to join with a pay-per-verification model. (Minimum 10 verifications p/month required)

Actionstep faqs

Where will my data be stored?
Your data is stored securely online. You can choose to have your data hosted in the UK, USA, Singapore, EU, Australia, or New Zealand.

How secure is Actionstep?
Actionstep takes data security very seriously and follows generally accepted best practices to ensure that your data is backed-up and protected against unauthorized access.

For more information on our security, click here.

Can I get a backup of my data?
Yes, you can request a backup of your data and documents at any time. You can download your documents in their original formats (e.g. docx, pdf), and all other data will be available as spreadsheet files (CSV).

Can I import data from my existing system?
Yes, we routinely import data from a wide variety of existing systems. Generally speaking, if you can export your data to spreadsheet/CSV files then it can be imported into Actionstep. We also have some automated utilities for importing data from common systems.

Does it run on a Mac?
Yes, Actionstep is 100% cloud-based so it runs on any computer with Internet access and a modern browser.

What about tablets and smartphones?
If your device has Internet access then you can connect to Actionstep using your device’s Internet browser. An iPhone/Android app is also available to download. This app allows you to view contacts, matter information and save Actionstep contacts to your phone. Calendars can sync with any device supported by Google or Microsoft Exchange.

Do I still need a server?
No, once you have moved over to Actionstep there should be no need for you to run a local server.

What happens if the Internet is down?
Actionstep is a 100% cloud-based solution so you will need to be connected to the Internet to access your data. However, there are multiple ways to access the Internet, so even if your office connection is down, you can use your mobile phone’s hotspot or work from another location for a while.

What happens if I want to leave Actionstep?
No problem, just let us know one month in advance, and request a backup of your data.

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