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You know that attracting and retaining top talent is vital for the success of your law firm. It’s that end result you’re focused on – hiring a great legal team – and not the process to get there. This is where we at Advantage Consulting can help...

Share your business objectives and hiring plans with us and we’ll do the rest. From identifying prospective candidates, to selling your vision and securing your new lawyer at the right salary level, we’re experts at making sure you recruit the right people. Our teams are focused on a specific job type and geography, so you’ll always deal with someone who knows your legal market inside out.

Why you should partner with us for your recruitment needs?

Having the right people is key to business success and here at Advantage Consulting, we help law firms address the challenges of change. In those periods of uncertainty, we can provide you with the talent you need to stay one step ahead. You may need to act swiftly, even radically. Which is why you need to access the right people, at the right time. We consistently attract and interact with the very best lawyers and we are at the forefront of specialist recruitment. It means we are best placed to get the right lawyer for your precise business needs.

Advantage Consulting have a global recruitment reach

Having the option of choosing from a wider talent pool, distinctly means that there’ll be a greater chance of you getting the right lawyer for your practice. A candidate that fits your needs and the firm culture. We are able to source candidates from a vast amount of areas from around the world.

We’re proud to have over ten years of experience as a successful specialist legal sector recruiter and, in that time, we’ve seen many recruitment trends across the law profession. No one understands the legal market like we do, and it’s that experience which allows us to make exactly the right decisions concerning your bespoke requirements.

Consistency of our recruitment service for lawyers

Rest assured, we will not compromise on quality in order to secure a commission. Our focus is on listening to the needs of our clients, before sourcing the right people for them, with a view of establishing successful and long-term relationships.

We employ a talented group of specialist legal sector consultants, with key expert knowledge that stretches across multiple legal areas, including crime, immigration, family and conveyancing. This knowledge ensures that only the best recruitment matches are made, and we invest heavily in training and development to ensure our legal consultants have the skills necessary to meet our stringent client service key performance indicators (KPIs).

Maximum exposure for your advertising

As one of the niche recruitment advertisers in the UK, we can offer you competitive rates for online advertising and exposure in the leading print publications. Advantage Consulting, leaders in specialist legal recruitment, can source the best talent so that you have the right people driving forward your strategy for growth.

Development and Retention Service from Advantage Consulting

The continual development of your staff is crucial when it comes to retaining them. Retention comes from giving back to your employees, often in more ways than just remuneration. Salary isn’t enough for many legal professionals these days, with clear professional development plans and regular training being widely expected, to ensure happiness within the practice.

Lawyers should be aware of the many benefits that come from retaining staff including increased productivity, new skills in the team, and increased morale. Therefore, offering professional development plans and training to your staff freely will prove to them that you are as invested in their future as they are.

Are you looking for a job in the legal sector?

Send us your CV and Cover Letter –

Every day our specialist consultants help job seekers by tailoring their CV’s and cover letters. From giving advice on how to write a CV to, how best to present yourself and your personal brand, we want to help you get interviews with our clients.

For all levels, a CV and cover letter are crucial factors in whether you are offered a job or not. Knowing what is really important on a CV can ensure you aren’t taking your CV in the wrong direction to what your potential employer is looking for. A good CV and cover letter can be the turning point to getting you face-to-face with our clients, where you can then wow them throughout the interview stages.

Making your next career move – contact us first!

Making your next career move is an important step. You’ll be in a different environment, with new colleagues, perhaps even learning new things. But, how do you know if it’s the right time to leave your current position? If you’re feeling stagnant in your current role or you can’t see any opportunities to progress internally, then it may be time to consider taking a new direction in your career. However, when weighing up whether or not you should make a career move, it is important to ensure that you have done your research. So, how do you know what you should be looking for in a new job? Talk to us.

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