IT & Software

Are you a business that is implementing new technology or software?

Assessing and examining the way forward can be a costly and time consuming activity. We can help your business examine existing technologies, investigate new solutions and implement change. Whether it is at the leading edge or simply a new technology solution for your business, we can help!

Our technology and software services include:

  • Digital Technologies
  • CRM & Sales Software
  • Financial Software
  • Compliance Software
  • IT Support & Security
  • Cloud Solutions

Cloud IT Solutions

At the moment, it is likely that all your data is stored on your computer or an office server. If you lose your computer, you lose your data. Or if your server breaks down, you'll need to get it fixed before you can access it again. Even then, you might not get all of it back. That's not good. It's like not having any home insurance when you don't know what's around the corner. Instead, with the Cloud, all your data is stored on big servers, far away, somewhere over the rainbow. You access it via the internet, but nothing is actually stored on your computer anymore. So now, your computer is just a gateway to access everything you hold dear. In fact you can use any computer, or tablet, or phone, not just yours but anyone's, anywhere, simply by logging in with your username and password. Everything is synced in real time, so others in your company will always be up to date. If you’re interested in the Cloud – please call us for an informal discussion and one of our IT experts will come to visit you and provide a no obligation quote for your business.

Action Step Software

Actionstep is a software as a service (SaaS) application for small and medium-sized businesses with a focus on professional services and compliance-oriented businesses such as law firms. Actionstep’s key points of difference are workflow, breadth of features, and integrated accounting. For more information click visit

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our services please contact us at or call 0121 212 6580.

I liked that fact that the IT team at Advantage Business Agency understood our business challenges. In our initial meetings they promised a hands-on approach and that’s certainly been true. As soon as we appointed them, their team was incredibly responsive to our needs — and my frequent questions.

David Bendell – DBS Managing Partner
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