Construction & Property

Our property and construction sector knowledge and extensive network of contacts allow us to be more than just your accountant or lawyer

This expertise gives us the ability to deliver strategic business advice to help you achieve your business objectives.

What makes us different?

  • Construction and property tax specialists: we have an in-house team of tax specialists who advise our property and construction clients on the various ways of minimising tax.
  • Network of contacts who can help your business: we have acted in the property and construction sector for many years and we can introduce you to our network of professional, private sector, local authority, Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), housing association, developer, main contractor and subcontractor contacts who can help develop your business further.

Helping our clients with current sector issues

We work with a wide range of clients across the property and construction sector including investors, developers, construction firms, estate agents, surveyors and architects to understand and overcome the issues and challenges that they face such as:

  • Financial concerns involving the shortage of new finance, the difficulties of refinancing, restructuring and meeting the demands of loan covenant compliance
  • Issues surrounding VAT and stamp duty land tax (SDLT)
  • Lack of demand for residential units as a consequence of the dearth of mortgage finance and low level of consumer confidence

Practical and relevant solutions to help your business succeed

Through our work with clients in property and construction, Advantage Consulting provides support to businesses in areas such as:

  • Debt restructuring and related specialist tax advice
  • Compliance services including external and internal audit
  • Tax planning and compliance – VAT, corporation tax, PAYE, National Insurance and SDLT
  • Corporate finance including mergers, acquisitions, disposals and introductions to suitable business partners
  • Advice on cash management, planning and mitigating tax risks

We also hold technical seminars throughout the year and supply e-mail technical briefings on matters of importance to the sector.

Our approach is based on integrating our areas of specialist expertise and delivering value added through our national network of local offices.

We enable our clients to keep up to date with internal and external pressures that are sweeping the sector and to benefit from our experience in the sector by:

  • Providing assurance to businesses and their key stakeholders
  • Providing assurance that our clients are compliant with their debt covenants
  • Mitigating where possible the unwelcome tax consequences of restructuring arrangements
  • Keeping our clients updated on the latest developments in the sector
  • Enabling clients to keep pace with tax changes

Why choose our specialist team?

Put simply - we can your business to grow. In our experience, viable businesses which prepare properly and submit the right information to potential lenders stand a good chance of accessing funds for growth. We have the skills and ability to access a range of funding sources, so that we can secure the right funding for you.

We worry about payroll, bookkeeping and VAT compliance so you don’t have to: we offer a comprehensive bookkeeping and VAT compliance service. Our fully managed payroll service ensures you stay compliant with Auto Enrolment and Real Time Information.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our services please contact us at or call 0121 212 6580.

Over the last 12 months a team of specialist funding consultants from Advantage Consulting supported us to draft and submit applications to major RGF and ERDF funding sources. They made the complex world of government and European funding seem easy – drafting the application on our behalf, helping with all the supporting documentation required and introducing us to specialist providers, e.g. architects, from their wide range of contacts and businesses they work with.

Saleem Shareef – Managing Director at Heartlands
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