Reap the benefits of our experience

Clients operating in specific industry sectors expect their advisers to align and distribute their products and services, accordingly.

Segmenting our talent and other resources on an industry/sector-specific basis allows us to match our expertise with your business needs.

Keeping in touch with markets across the globe

As well as being highly efficient, a degree of integration and connectivity that exists between the firm's business and sector teams provides other advantages for clients. By thinking strategically, the firm's sector teams strive to identify evolving themes and trends within each industry sector sooner, which are passed on to our clients. Moreover, our clients can also seek the views of the firm's global and regional experts on themes, relating to such topics as the macroeconomic climate and exporting.

A service beyond borders

With our strong client relationships and local knowledge, we have the experience and presence to advise on transactions that are cross-geography – ie emerging market to emerging market, emerging to developed market (and vice versa).

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our services please contact us at or call 0121 212 6580.

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